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Comparison Benefits Of PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is one of the best, fastest and most effective ways of getting targeted traffic if you know how to use it properly. It is big business for all of the major search engines and social networking sites. Indeed many of them make the bulk of their money from Pay Per Click advertising, without it their incomes would not nearly be so great. So it must be an effective advertising tool if they are all making hundreds of millions from it, right?

Well yes it can deliver fantastic targeted traffic and the importance of targeted traffic cannot be overstated. You will get far better sales conversions if you are getting laser targeted traffic, yet many people set up Pay Per Click campaigns and get very low conversion rates, along with a big advertising bill, which can clearly put people off of using it.

If your campaign is set up badly then all you will do is waste money on poor advertising.

Pay Per Click advertising allows you to target not only specific keyword phrases (I will come back to the importance of this shortly), but also specific countries where your ads will run.

There is no point in making the classic beginner mistake of selecting the check button for "All countries" and "All times of day" for your ads to run, as all that will happen if you do, is that you will get lots and lots of traffic but none of it targeted, as if you have selected "All countries" but your site is only in German as an example, people who cannot read German will simply hit the back button, but you guessed it, you will still have paid for the click on the ad that brought them to your site, yet gained nothing for it.

Then multiply this by the amount of times it will happen in a day if you select the "Display at all times of day" and you can see you could pay for thousands of clicks that you get no sales from at all.

You need to select the options that are applicable to where you will sell to, and where you are prepared to ship your goods to. Fail to do this and you just waste money. Also pay attention when selecting the times of day, whilst your Internet site is open 24/7, if you only take telephone enquiries from the site, then you only want to advertise at times when you are open.

When it comes to keyword phrase choice then this is key as to how effective your sales conversions will be as it will dictate the nature of how targeted your traffic is. You need to select the right keyword phrases and if possible avoid generic single keywords as the keyword phrase such as "Hat shop in Leeds" is far likely to bring you potential sales than if you bid on keywords such as just "Hats", which is so generic you are unlikely to get the customers you want.

Setting up a PPC campaign is easy but you would be best advised to use a specialist if you want yours to give good sales conversions.

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