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A Brief Overview of Social Networking

A Brief Overview of Social Networking - Early social networking sites began in the form of online communities like Tripod and Geocities. They were focused mainly on users who would interact with each other via chat rooms where they shared ideas and information. They used personal homepage tools to create topics of interest and were actually precursors to our blogs today. The very first website to kick it all off was PLATO which was launched back in 1996. This site let you create user profiles and send messages back and forth and making a 'friends list' so other members could find you if you held similar interests.

The reason social networks were created was to form online communities that shared common interests. They used email and Instant Message services to help people connect and contact each other. An internal Network site is a site that is closed-circuit and includes just people of a specific workplace or organization. Their shared information has a direct and specific purpose. The external network sites are open to the public and enable users to post and share with a much wider audience ranging across a much wider scope of topics.

SixDegrees was the early form of social networks with people wishing to connect and communicate with each other across geographic lines. It wasn't so long before we saw the launching of Friendster and then MySpace.. By the time 2005 got here MySpace was well established as the powerhouse of all social networks and was receiving more daily hits than even Google.

By 2006 Facebook arrived on the scene. It was limited at one time to just college students in the U.S. but soon changed. It soon became the fastest growing social networking site in the world. MySpace and Facebook logged a whopping 185 million visitors in the month of July 2007 alone. Then when Twitter hit the scene and 'tweets' became popular, another favorite had arrived.

The Internet world holds much enthusiasm for embracing whoever proves to be the latest & greatest. There are some really great social networking sites out there and they hold lots of popularity and much advertising power. They are progressing with each passing year in their technical abilities to give users a pleasant experience.

After all, in an age when our own president has a Facebook page, and politicians are using 'tweets' to get their messages out, you cannot ignore the power that social networking site yield.

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