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How to Throw a Football Farther - Video Lesson

If you're a football player, you know how important it is to be able to throw a football over long distances. Some passes can be over 50 yards in certain situations. Having the ability to accurately throw the ball downfield will make you a great asset to your team, and your coaches will love you for it.

I was recently doing some research online looking for lessons on how to throw a football farther and I came accross a useful video. I've included it at the bottom of this article. You'll learn from Will Fidler, a college level quarterback from the University of Kentucky. This lesson really helped me with my form and allowed me to quickly increase the accuracy and distance of my throws.

In the video, Will is going to teach several very important things. The first thing that I learned is that you need to hold the ball somewhere on its back half. For a very long time I always assumed that I had to hold the ball directly in the middle in order to keep it balanced. However, if you hold the football directly in the middle it will actually keep the ball from spiralling properly. You are also going to have to make sure that you're gripping the laces. This will give your fingers something to push against as you throw, thus creating the spiral.

Will also emphasizes the importance of your stance when it comes to throwing a football farther and improving accuracy. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that your leading shoulder should be pointed directly at your target. This is the same technique that basketball players use when they do behind the back passes and hook shots. Pointing your shoulder at your target will ensure that the ball is released on the correct path. This is something that I struggled with for a long time since I always seemed to have my chest facing my target rather than my shoulder. However, after a bit of practice it becomes natural.

Check out the video for all the other tips. Be sure to practice all the tips that Will provides and I'm sure you'll learn how to throw a football farther in no time.

This is a video and text lesson on how to throw a football farther.

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