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What is a Wise Computer Cleaner ?

A registry is a central and hierarchical database for any windows operating system. In this registry all the programs and components that are associated with a PC, they all are listed. If we make any unwanted or wrong small changes to PC’s registry it directly reflects to that particular program’s functionality and even sometime corrupts the whole program and resulting in the program won’t run at all. It is also possible that if you have made some such changes to the PC that is related to it core functionality the whole windows will be down and you need to format and reinstall windows. To avoid any such situation where PC registry should be intact and works fine. A registry may get corrupted or damaged by various means. Most of the PC users do not alter PC registry as they are not much familiar with it, however a virus or spyware, Trojan horse etc these all malicious and harmful entries or programs first attack to the PC’s registry and make it corrupt. Using a software program or PC registry cleaner can solve this problem to a great extent. A wise computer cleaner is a program that repairs and cleans your PC’s registry and makes it faster, intact without damaging and changing it in a way so that its integrity and whole structure remains quite good and optimize. Very often it can be seen that there are hundreds of registry cleaner available in the market that claim to b the best and a wise Computer Cleaner software or program. However while using them they usually proven to be non effective and sometime they make some changes in your PC’s registry so that the whole registry gets corrupted. So be aware of changing your registry without knowing much about it. If I am asked what all features should have in a wise Computer Cleaner I would suggest as follows:- 1. A wise Computer Cleaner should meet the minimum expectations set by a user. That is it should properly repair and clean PC registry. 2. A wise Computer Cleaner should not make any ill affects to the PC where it runs and repairs. Many times it has been observed that a registry cleaner though cleans the harmful and malicious items in registry but makes some such changes that create other issues like abnormal functionality of any program, PC hangs, freezing etc. This should not happen at all. 3. An automatic backup- This is one of the best features of any registry cleaner that it should take an automatic backup before making any changes to the PC’s registry. In any case if anything goes wrong we may reverse the changes it has made. 4. Minimum user’s interference- A good registry cleaner should be comprised of the feature that it won’t let much interference of user’s involvement while it runs. 5. If we want to uninstall the program i.e. the registry cleaner it should be uninstalled completely and should not leave any after affects or bad consequences when uninstalled. 6. It should not alter any windows or any third party program’s normal functionality in any way. It is also noticed that after running some registry cleaners they change windows core files and functionality and due to this the window shows errors. This should be strictly avoided in a Wise computer Cleaner.

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