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How to Organize Menus for restaurants

Menus will speak your offers. It is a valuable tool to showcase what you have to offer for your customers. With this, you need to create outstanding print menus that will attract customers to stop and take a look at what you have in store for them. It is a big no-no if you just list everything in terms of their price, or their first letter on a plain white paper. You need to have a good and effective layout that will help your customers to find the type of food that they want in an easy and fastest manner.

If you run a restaurant business, it is ideal that the dishes are classified in a useful and attractive way. Here are some logical suggestions on the proper layout and classifications of dishes for menu printing.

Sort by category. First, you need to analyze your order options. Your layout for your menu must separate the food section and beverages sections; so should the appetizers, side dishes, main courses, desserts and then drinks be separated. It is also best to line up those meals intended for breakfast, lunch or dinner; and even midnight dishes if you offer them.

Split items by order type. If your restaurant offers a lot of different dishes and meal packages, you may want to subdivide your menu items even further by making distinctions of the order type. You can arrange the menu items if they are ordered a la carte, or as a whole meal package. This is useful for most customers since some might want to order packaged meals outright; while others would want to customize their orders to their specifications. Many restaurants that have promos or group offers like good for four persons menu and value meals are also printed separately or printed as a one-page material because they regard those as specials for the month or so. By doing this, it makes things more organized both for you and to the customers; not to mention that you give attention to them so that people will notice your promos.

Organize by food style. Many restaurants cater to different dishes by different countries and regions. Among the popular ones are those dishes from Italy, France, Japan, China, Korea, and the United States. If you offer these style variety, you must organize them per food style, so that whenever they say to you what dishes they like, you have an organized menu for that. This also helps your customers match their types of foods, since you don't want to order food that may clash when eaten together. For instance, you may not want to order American pasta with Korean sauce, or a French dessert with Chinese leaves.

Classify by ingredient. This is important because not all people eat meat, and not all people eat seafood. Remember that there are different types of people in the world, with different customs and different food choices. Be open to that idea. That is why it is best to classify your menus by listing the main ingredients of your dishes.

Last, find a good printer. Even if your layout is well-designed, if you don’t print them well, your purpose will just go to waste. So find a printing company for your menu printing that will produce quality printed menus.

Those are just some of the few but the most important things you must consider to create a menu that will provide more profit for you and your business.

Betty L. Crabtree is working in a menu printing company that can guarantee the quality of their menus with unique style.

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