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Time Keeping, Attendance and Your Business

One of the essential aspects of any business is being able to keep track of your employee's time. Labor costs are a traditional part of your expenses and also are necessary for determining the overall cost of your projects and services. This is why it is important to have an accurate accounting.

There are numerous ways to keep time for your employees. Some employees use old-fashioned time punch machines. These have paper cards, which are inserted into the machine, then are stamped with the date and time. There are also paper systems that people simply fill out and sign at the end of the week or two week period.

When computers and software applications became a part of everyday business, the methods of keeping time changed. Time clocks began to require codes instead of cards. You are assigned a code and input it when you clock in and out. This helped in increase the accuracy of attendance and time keeping records. These required newer and more expensive equipment.

Computers quickly replaced time keeping machines. A couple of quick clicks and a username and password and clocking in for work, clocking out and in for breaks and clocking out for the day became even easier. The computer system easily generated reports, even linked to accounting departments and payroll software allowing for an increase in accuracy and a decrease in the amount of time spent doing payroll.

However, how do you handle issues involving individuals who do not come in, who telecommute for your business? Most of the time clock systems have to be attached to a server within the same location in order to be effective. Luckily, there is an option for individuals who are looking to handle employees who do not come into the office every day but who may travel around as sales associates or telecommute in some fashion.

This time keeping system involves the use of any phone. Most people have mobile, cellular or landline phones making this option the perfect solution for keeping track of out of office employees. The employees simply call a number to clock in and clock out. You may be wondering how a system like this works any differently than a traditional system.

Many companies pay out hours that are not worked when they have offsite employees because employees can take longer breaks or adjust they time schedule without anyone noticing. However, with a system that involves the use of the phone they have to call in, not only that but the system itself can track when there is a deviation in the schedule and reports to management through email or text message that there is a site or employee that has a schedule deviation.

The benefits of this type of system are endless and it can end up saving you thousands of dollars in wages being paid out for hours not worked. This type of system is entirely web based allowing for easy accounting and management. It is one of the solutions best suited to companies who deal with telecommuting and offsite employees.

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