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Funeral Candles Fill a Void

The days of plain, white candles with a simple ribbon are a thing of the past. Families want more out of their tribute candles.

When a loved one passes away an emptiness can linger for months, even years. Gone forever are the casual conversations and the chance for new memory creation. The bereaved long for personal items, keepsakes, photos and other treasures to display which remind them of their loved one who has passed. They wish to feel their presence, see their face. A personalized funeral candle is an ideal memento to fill that void.

Mourners desire to more completely honor and remember their loved ones has lead funeral technology experts to respond with software designed with personalization in mind. Creating the highest level of personalized keepsakes like funeral candles provides client families with the most individually unique, tangible reminders of their loved one.

Coordinated with other funeral stationery, the keepsake funeral candle pulls the whole theme of the funeral stationery together into one complete celebration package of keepsake items. When paired with matching prayer cards and funeral programs, color coordinated thank you notes, memorial folders and even keepsake bookmarks, death care professionals are able to go above and beyond client families expectations and include a personalized funeral candle as well.

What sets these personal keepsake funeral candles apart from any other tribute candle is the fact that the candle contains the deceased's photo, name, dates and any other versus or poems requested by the family. In essence, the family can design their own keepsake with a funeral directors help. But, these keepsakes won't hinder the funeral director in their creation. Thanks to innovative software funeral professionals are able to craft them easily and quickly in-house. Using nothing more than a computer, a standard ink-jet or laser printer, and specially formatted perforated sheets, their creation is simple. Their affect, immense.

Frazer Consultants primary products and services include interactive funeral home website design, funeral tribute video software, funeral webcasting, personalized funeral stationery, and funeral keepsakes including the award winning Life Journey Candle and Holiday Remembrance Ornaments. For more information, please call 866-372-9372.

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