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3 Reasons Why Noah Sife Would Be Equal To Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is on top of the world right now, and he should be. We haven't seen a talent that bright in a long while. Until now, Noah Sife is building an empire of his own that's reminiscent of the great superstar.

Whether anyone sees it or not it's here. Talent so vivid and bright you wonder if everybody around you is blind or deaf. I think so, when I ask my friends if they've heard of Noah Sife they say no. When I show them his work, 100% of the time I turn them into believers. I feel like I'm on the cutting edge and I have knowledge no one else has. Here are 3 reasons Noah Sife and Tyler Perry are similar.

1. They both have production company's. Tyler Perry Films and AONS (Adventures of Noah Sife) Productions. Instead of fancy logos to remember them, all you have to do is look at these two guys. They are the logos. What a brilliant idea.

2. Talent. They both are immensely talented. We know Tyler acts writes, directs and produces. So does Noah, he actually dropped a feature length film this year starring himself. The film got no distribution though. I had to find out about it on his twitter page. I'm glad I did, I really liked it.

3. The projects they do have huge impacts. Tyler Perry's movies are always watched by millions of people. Noah Sife has movies that have been viewed by millions also. Something about these two attracts a lot of people.

So to put you in the drivers seat I challenge you to find out for yourself like I did. Check out Tyler Perry if you haven't already. Also check out Noah Sife he's the face of his production company, directs acts writes and produces, his projects are phenomenal and he works really hard. Do that, and get back to me. I want to see what you come up with.

DeAndre Valdez is a motion picture journalist with over 10 years of experience. He has covered stars from Tyler Perry to Tom Cruise. Visit his entertainment site to get a free Noah Sife movie.

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