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Use Horse Mats For Economy, Safety, And Health

Horse mats can make things better all around for you and your horse. These rubber or foam mats are made to be placed in stalls, wash stalls, aisles, and trailers to make a non-slippery and cushioned surface for both horses and people.

Most of the mats offered today are made of recycled rubber, with different features, weights, sizes, and uses. Foam is also used for a more lightwieght but still durable portable surface. Warranties of ten to twelve years are not unusual in the industry, so make sure you choose a longlasting product.

This will not bother those accustomed to lugging heavy bags of feed, but there are also interlocking tiles that range from 2'x2' up. These lock together like jigsaw puzzles, are easy to assemble, and come with bordering strips to make a flat edge on the outer rim. Rolled rubber mats are generally more affordable, but the interlocking kind is great for those who need to move the mats frequently or are using temporary stabling.

Many stalls have clay floors, so the centers often get worn away and the floor becomes uneven. The depression takes a lot of bedding to fill, collects urine, develops odors and bacteria, and makes the stall less comfortable for the horse who lives in it. Using a mat protects the dirt from being raked out with the soiled bedding. If the stall has a concrete floor, a mat is even more important to keep the horse from the cold, hard surface and to give it a secure footing.

Although mats are an investment, those who use them say they save significantly on bedding costs, as well as saving time in stall cleaning. Horses also will be more comfortable and these equine athletes will have fewer swollen legs and soreness from standing and lying on hard surfaces. Owners who use stall mats also say that there is a significant saving in bedding costs and stall cleaning time.

Wash stalls are great conveniences, but their angled concrete floors can be dangerously slippery for both horses and people. In a busy barn, the noise factor of shod hooves on concrete can be quite high as well. Using a waterproof and slip proof mat cushions the noise and provides safe footing for all, with no fear that the rubber or foam will harbor harmful bacteria.

Aisles and trailer ramps are other areas where secure footing is important. Horse mats from a reputable company will stand up to years of wear even in high traffic areas. The mats are guaranteed not to curl up on the edges but to lie flat on the ground or another surface with no need for adhesives. They are designed to be removable for cleaning - a neutral PH cleaner is recommended.

Horse mats are for both safety and comfort. A good mat can keep you equine athlete sounder and more content, and it will make a safer environment for you as well.

Looking for a cost-effective stall mat for your horses? These environmentally-friendly rubber mats may be just what you need. Rubber stall flooring provides comfortable support for your horses, and helps to relieve joint pressure by absorbing shocks.

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