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Can I Use Tap Water In My Humidor's Humidifier?

What is distilled water? Is this the best type of water to use when creating a humidor or can you use water from the sink? First, distilled drinking water is not the same think as drinking water. Distilled water is water that has been boiled and steamed and put into a container. It is not as pure as drinking water but is safe for using in most situations. It is particularly important in the process of humidification.

It is not wise to use regular tap water in any humidification system. In fact, the federal government has warned that this could pose a serious health risk. For one thing, these humidifiers disperse minerals (found in tap water) into the air. They also leave behind white dust and crusty deposits which can help the accumulation of unhealthy microorganisms.

Distilled water is free from such contaminants and minerals. The process of distillation is so effective that practically all unhealthy minerals are disposed of. This is why distilled water makes for excellent humidification. Sure, you can use tap water but it is going to take its toll on the flavor and quality of your cigars. The best option is to spray a little bit of distilled water onto your humidification tool, whether that is a sponge or a bag of beads. Try to get about 70% of the bag moist. Carefully dry the area, allowing no extra water to interfere with the process.

Your cigars and tobacco must be kept in a clean and pure environment, if the taste is to remain true to brand. A humidor not only protects you against bacteria but also mold. The box should be kept in a dry and cool place and away from any direct sunlight. If the environment becomes too hot, cigars could start to develop fungus or even bug infestation. This is not only a disgusting event, but also dangerous for people to inhale.

Avoid tap water and only buy distilled water. This will prevent you from compromising your inventory of fine cigars. Maintain the area and your inventory will smell and taste good, and be in perfect condition for a cigar party with all your friends.

Dave is an online authority on cigar accessories and has expert knowledge of cigar accessories, including punch cutters.

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