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Tips To Save You Money On Heating Costs This Winter

Winter is almost here which is great because it means Christmas is round the corner but it is not all good news for some people because winter every year winter comes with the burden of increasing heating bills. Energy bills keep rising year after year with winter being when the most expensive.

This time of year, there are dozens of adverts and leaflets from energy companies trying to persuade customers to switch to them in order to save money.

Switching energy companies sometimes does save a little bit of money for both heating and airconditioning but overall the cost of keeping warm in the winter is too steep regardless of what company you decide to stick with. So here are a few tips on how to cut the cost of heating this winter.

The first thing to do is turn down your thermostat, there is no need for the whole house to feel like a furnace this winter. This option might seem like a no brainer but most people just do not think about it. Setting the thermostat at medium level keeps the house warm and saves you money over the whole winter period.

Another tip is to lower your thermostat to the very minimum when stepping out, usually people turn it off completely in hope of saving costs but in the long run it does not. When left at the minimum, it still keeps the house warm but if off completely, temperatures in the house lowers and you will have to turn it at full blast when you return.

also, always close doors and windows to preserve the heat already inside, if this is done, there will be no need to turn up the heating. Try and replace all broken doors and windows as well as insulate the the house if that's not done already.of you can afford it, getting proper builders in will get it done in no time but if you cannot hire one, you can use old blankets and newspapers to keep the cold at bay.

Most people walk around the home in the thinnest of clothing during winter and leave the central heating on at full blast as a way of keeping warm. Winter is not just about wrapping up warm when outdoors, wearing warm jumpers, socks and other protective gear indoors mean you will not have a need for excessive heating therefore saving you a lot on energy bills.

Ever considered having a fan heater? It is the most efficient cost saver around, the fan is ideal during hot summer days to keep you cool and during winter, the heater part of it will keep you nice and warm. Costing next to nothing, you can substitute central heating for a heater fan, using it when you are in a room to keep you warm.

Switching it on in rooms you are using means you don't just save on heating bills, you save on electricity bills as well. Most Heating Whitby fans are portable as well so it can be taken into a room when you want to use it and it heats up almost immediately unlike central heating which needs time to heat up.

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