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Beautify Your Occasions With LED Drape

Led illumination technology is used in LED drape. Many types of LED drapes are available in the market. There are many companies and brands that make LED drapes. These drapes can be used to beautify any occasion. Flc-200 a, is an example of a popular LED drape that is made with a beautiful and flexible material. To make this drape, a synthetic material is used. It is provided with a high quality rubber layer to cover and protect it against dirt, humidity, and fire.

Even the climates with high levels of humidity are suitable for this LED drape, as humidity will not affect it in any case. As this is a very light weight drape, it can easily be transported from one place to another. Its installation is easy. For its adjustment only a single road case is enough. Some other road cases are also required but for the plug in and power supplies.

One can fold it in any way or any shape. It will not be ruined because it is too flexible. It will not tear off and will not catch humidity or dirt. This drape can be used for many purposes. The image quality that one sees on the drape is simply matchless. It gives maximum output with sharp and very clear images that are displayed at the screen. Plugs and power supplies can easily be connected with this LED drape.

This drape is certified against different types of accidents and hazards. The brightness level for this drapery is 16 while the display model is 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 768. Its renovation frequency is 180 hertz that is quite high. One can hang and suspend this drapery anywhere. It is suitable for any environment ranging from indoor to semi outdoor and outdoors.

It is basically a drape developed in china. Other different types of drapes that are available in the market have their origin in china. There are other types of Chinese drapes that are available in the market. Some of them are p25mm flexible soft led display for stage video and lighting, led video curtain display soft screen (vled-25), led soft curtain 7500-1212 etc.

The outputs in case of led video curtain display soft screen (vled-25) are very good and sharp. One just has to have the image on the laptop or pc screen and it will easily be displayed on the drapery. The quality of the output is excellent. Like the flc-200a, this drapery is portable and flexible. If one wants to display the drapery over large area, led soft curtain 7500-1212 is to be used.

Like other Chinese LED draperies, the output is sharp and detailed. For different occasions like fashion shows and catwalks, exhibitions and different corporate occasions and events, the use of the LED drape p25-mm is very effective and successful.

LED drape

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