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What Are Fantasy NASCAR Leagues?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a NASCAR team owner or team leader? This is what the Fantasy NASCAR League permits you to experience. Several other sports offer fantasy leagues, and in fact the Fantasy NASCAR League was based on the original fantasy league, the Soccer Fantasy League, but for lovers of car racing, it is the top one.

If you do not know how the Fantasy NASCAR League operates, it is pretty simple to explain. People who register in the league become team owners, and they have to choose a racing team from the selection of real human drivers on the NASCAR circuit. These drivers then earn points for the team, exactly as they do in real life.

This means that when one of your team members is taking part in a real race, say at Pocono, you can cheer him on in the anticipation that he will add points to your team's total. This makes it quite realistic, except that you do not have to stump up the millions of dollars it would normally cost to own such a team and run it.

The Fantasy NASCAR League teams' points totals are then held centrally and prizes are awarded at fixed intervals: monthly, quarterly, etc.. Some Fantasy NASCAR Leagues confer prizes of gear or equipment others award prizes of cash. Some charge to become a member, others do not.

The Fantasy NASCAR League started life in the Eighties after the success of the Fantasy Soccer League proved that the idea could work, but it did not really take off until ten years later when the league became more accessible to more people over the Internet. Fantasy leagues based on Formula One and Indy soon followed.

There are in fact quite a few Fantasy NASCAR Leagues and the regulations vary slightly from league to league, although basically they all adhere to the points bestowed by NASCAR. However, there are often idiosyncratic rules to avoid ties such as limiting the amount of times a driver's results can be allowed for a fantasy team depending on the popularity of that driver within that fantasy league.

There are all kinds of Fantasy NASCAR Leagues, some even include motorcycle races in the list of races that a team owner has to predict, while other leagues place importance on such criteria as fastest lap time, average lap time or total time spent in first place. Sometimes these extra regulations are more important with Fantasy NASCAR Leagues that base their results on fewer races

There is of course an official NASCAR Fantasy NASCAR League, which is available from its website. In this league team owners are given a hundred million dollars to put together a team and the league is based on weekly results.

It also costs real money to play. However, you may think it a small price to pay to be embroiled with the sport you love at the official Fantasy NASCAR League level. For more details about the official Fantasy NASCAR League, please go over to their website.

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