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How To Deal With Unrequited Love: 5 Steps

It is hard to love someone and a difficult experience to not have that love reciprocated. No urge exists in the other individual that may stimulate him or her to respond to your love. The person you love has probably told you or at least has demonstrated his or her lack of interest in you. It doesn't really matter how you were able to find out about that person's lack of interest. But it is crucial that you understand that you need to subdue these emotions of love. These emotions of love can have long lasting negative effects on you. You may not only develop problems of an emotional nature but even physical damage can take place if these emotions are not coped with effectively. I will now share with you the five steps that will get you in to the road of recovery from emotions of unrequited love.

Write Down Your Feelings

Do not do this with the person you love. You might have already done this anyway since you know about the other persons feelings towards you. It is good to have a close and trustworthy person to express your feelings. But if you do not desire to do this or do not want anyone to know about your emotions, you can just write your feelings in paper. This is one of the best ways to bring out your emotions of sadness and love. This is one of the best methods that will help you to bring out your closed up feelings which is similar to conversing with a person. Make sure to also follow these steps when writing about your feelings: 1. Make sure you do this in a quiet place with no disruption. 2.Do not be afraid of crying while you write

Keep an Open Mind

There is a chance that this person you love may at some point have a change of emotions towards you. Now do not start to get your hopes up. No way. The biggest possibility is that the other person will never change their attitude towards you. So the correct thing to do is to maintain a neutral attitude. Do not create "what if" scenarios in your head. You should not plan. Just be ready for whatever may happen since both scenarios are possible. Never, never do any type of plan. Let nature do its own thing.

Dating New People is a Good Idea

It is recommended that you start meeting other people. It may seem uneasy for you to start dating at this time but it may be beneficial for many reasons. The two main benefits of this is that you will maintain a busy mind and determine if the love you are feeling is real. Is it true love or just infatuation? Does dating reduce your feelings of love? Believe it or not, it is hard to understand your own heart sometimes. You can understand yourself better by following this step. Now make sure this is just a casual date to know someone and not for a serious relationship. It should be more like a friendly get together type of date.

Get Ready For a Blind Date

A blind date can be an exciting adventure. This is highly recommended for those who find it difficult to recover from an unrequited love. This is not intended to find the love of your life. But will definitely take your mind off the one who does not want you. Again this blind date should be a fun occasion and not taken as a serious relationship kind of thing.

Here We Go Again With the Writing

Writing? Not again! Well I am sorry but there is another technique that involves writing. You should create a list of the things you would like in a real loving relationship. Now compare this list with the person of your unrequited love. You may be surprised to find out that this person does not really offer you what you are looking for in a life long mate.

It may hurt to speak and even think of an unrequited love. But you must. It is important that you open up and get these feelings out. Analyze your situation and be determined to conquer these feelings. Keep an open mind. Continue to follow the steps mentioned above. Continue to meet people. When dealing with unrequited love you need to do everything possible to ensure that you get over these strong emotions forever. You are worth it. Do not feel inferior or undeserving. You are unique and there is a special person, the right person waiting for you just around the corner.

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