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Resident Evil: Afterlife

If you're into sci-fi, one of the top fall movies to come out is going to be Resident Evil: Afterlife. This is the 4th installment to this ongoing series scripted by the Screen Gems writing team. Thank to the mind blowing special effects and imagination, this suspenseful 3D film is considered one of the most anticipated 2010 movie releases. In fact, all you video gamers out there will enjoy the fact that some of the video game elements of Resident Evil 5 was integrated into the movie.

The story's main character is none other than Alice played by Milla Jovovich. Her self-imposed journey to find those without the virus infection is still ongoing, and the major roles are pretty much the same. You have Umbrella Corporation CEO Albert Wesker, and Alice's allies Claire and Chris Redfield, as well as Jill Valentine.

The Umbrella Corporation continues to be the archrival of Alice and her allies, bringing tons of excitement to this action packed thriller. In earlier installments we saw Alice just trying to stay alive, but in the 4th series there are so many twists and surprises you just don't know what is going to happen next. She will definitely find more Undead Zombies, but her fight to get away from everyone is mind blowing. Alice's ally Manjini will also be seen in the city of Tokyo.

The action continues from the past 3 movies where Alice tries to use clones of herself to assassinate the U.C. CEO Albert Wesker. Her plan fails and Wesker escapes. Later on in the film you see her being ambushed and injected with a serum that takes away her powers. She still is feisty as ever, and fights with Wesker aboard the plane while it plummets to the earth. After the crash we only see Alice walk away from the destruction.

In years past the only following Resident Evil had was the video gamers. There wasn't even a thought out producing any of these movies. However, 4 installments later and it's one of the best movie releases ever in the sci-fi category. If it wasn't for the fans we're not sure it would ever had manifested to the big screen. Also, Resident Evil: Afterlife offers plenty of integrated video game parts that makes it a suspenseful journey for everyone.

Eventually Alice reaches Arcadia, which happens to be a safe haven...supposedly. The thought process ensues and she believes there is no hope for any survivors until she meets Claire. However, the Umbrella Corporation is using a mind control device that is attached to her body. Alice realizes this and is able to alter the mechanism and destroy it. Claire begins to regain her memory, but only partially. The both of them join together in the search for other survivors in LA. They come across a group surrounded by Undead Zombies, Alice learns the Arcadia is nothing more than a traveling cargo tanker, and the movie starts getting really good. In order to destroy the Arcadia, Alice and Claire need to figure out how to save everyone with only one exit airplane that carries two people at a time.

Thanks to the unlimited amount of suspense, this is considered one of the best movies of the year! When it's all said and done only a few will survive while the rest perish. In order to finish it, Alice and her companions have to figure out how to make it through the Arcadia without being killed.

Here you find Wesker is just fine and once again the two face off. Trying to escape by helicopter, Wesker detonates a bomb. The goal was to kill the remaining humans aboard the Arcadia. However, Alice had other plans and secretly hid the bomb onboard his helicopter. Hopefully this time he's gone for good. Then again, you see a small parachute off in the distance, which leads you to believe he has escaped once again. It's movies like this one that leave fans wanting more, especially when they start anticipating the next chapter. So when it comes out, be sure to see Resident Evil: Afterlife. It's going to be one of the best 2010 movie releases of the year.

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