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Are You Tempted To Buy One Of The Acer Computers?

If you are thinking of buying one of the Acer computers, well, it will be the right choice if you are more concerned with functions, features and durability.

Well, it so happens that Acer is one of the top five computer manufacturers in the whole world right now. So, what sets it apart from other computer manufacturers? One of the key reasons is its pricing. If you compare other computer brands with Acer, you might realize that Acer computers are more reasonable in pricing in spite of their similar features and main components.

With its main base in Taiwan, Asia, Acer sells its computer products at reasonable prices due its lower operational and labor costs among others. Although it is strict on quality and functionality and continues do research to improve its product features but it is not that focused on product beauty. So, do not be surprised if you do not find any beautiful and striking colors and designs on its laptops or netbooks.

Apart from labor, other operational costs like electricity and water are cheap as well. Therefore, Acer saves much money in terms of labor and operational costs. In terms of raw material, it also saves some money. Nowadays, many major electronics component manufacturers for computers like Intel and Seagate have set up their main manufacturing plants in Asia.

Being a giant computer manufacturer, Acer can afford to buy raw materials in bulk and save money in this way. Since Asia is rich in natural resources, it is not surprising that there are many other plants, which produce items such as plastics and packaging materials. Acer also saves money by buying these items from companies within Asia.

Although the designs and colors of Acer computers especially laptops may not be as appealing or striking as other computer manufacturers but, you can count on its product warranty and functions. In other words, if you are more worried about function failure and pricing instead of aesthetic value, then, one of the Acer computers might be the right choice for you. To save your money, it is better to buy directly from Acer.

Normally, Acer has year-end sales to clear its old stock. Therefore, you may get good deals for its computer and accessories. This normally happens during Christmas or New Year time.

However, Acer is more concerned in meeting the needs of its customers in terms of quality, warranty and functionality. You do not have worry about the possibility of your Acer computer breaking down or having other repair problems. As long as you do not drop your laptop or netbook, it should be working fine within its warranty period and beyond.

Andrew Johnson is a specialist in computer products. If you would like more details about varieties of Acer computers or are searching for a trusted computer retailer please visit

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