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How To Get Your Body To Absorb More Protein

Although total caloric intake is important for weight loss, even more important is what happens to those calories once consumed. Unfortunately, many fat loss hopefuls do not know how to get protein away from their fat cells. Thus, here is how to prevent protein from feeding your body fat: 1. Eat sources with all the amino acids: This means, for the most part, that you should eat a lot of animal sources of protein. If your protein is lacking in amino acids, it will be very hard for your body to absorb all the components. 2. Incorporate balance in your meals: And add lots of vegetables. You see, balanced meals with lots of vegetables will help slow down the digestion of your meal. Just like carbohydrates, your body will absorb more protein if digestion is slowed. 3. Have smaller meals on a more frequent basis: This is one of the more powerful strategies you can use. You see, as the amount of calories for a meal goes up your body has less of an ability to absorb said meal. So keep meals small and frequent. 4. Avoid powders and shakes: The less powders and shakes you have the better off you will be. You see, powders and shakes digest very quickly. And recall that fast digestion translates into reduced absorption. So make sure you follow the advice here. 5. Don't rely on complimentary proteins: If you are a vegetarian, don't rely on complimentary proteins only. You need to have soy and its derivative, tofu, in as many meals as possible. Aim for at least half of your protein needs as coming from these products. 6. Lift some weights: Resistance training is one of the best ways to get your body to hold onto more protein. It will also get your body to hold onto more carbs. In other words, it diverts nutrients away from your fat cells. You can't just focus on your total caloric intake. You also have to focus on getting nutrients to your active cells instead of your fat cells!

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