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A Guide To Dealing With Problem Builders

One of the biggest causes of stress is when something that you had planned so extensively goes wrong due to someone else's mistakes. Having a builder that is costing you more money than you planned for, or one that makes mistakes that experienced builders simply should not make, is the bane of a large number of peoples lives.

So what do you do? Well, you have a few options available to you and you should certainly not let work continue without addressing the issues that have developed. Below is a list of possible actions you could take.

Confront the builder with your concerns - You hired the builder based on their proposal and their quote, so therefore if they are not living up to the proposal they submitted, then you need to ask them why. Make a list of all of the issues that you have with the construction work and ask to sit down and go through the problems with them. With any luck there could be a good reason for the problems that have been encountered, and hopefully things can be resolved amicably. If it is becoming increasing more difficult to get hold of the builder, make a formal complaint in writing, listing all issues and send it to his business address.

Get some advice - So it has become apparent that the project will be over budget or behind schedule. In which case, you must contact your lender to ask for help in rectifying the situation, they will most probably have encountered similar problems before and will have sound advice to help you. You may possibly need to hire a building inspector to categorize specific safety issues with the work that has been carried out.

Hire an attorney - So it looks like all the attempts that you have made trying to resolve the situation have failed, the chances are that you will now have to hire an attorney to try to reclaim any money lost in the project due to the builders negligence. An experienced attorney will be able to help you through the procedure.

Always remember that you should not have to pay for all building work up front. In most circumstances, builders require only a deposit and payment for certain non-standard materials bills initially and the final payment should be made when work is completed. If you think something is not right, be sure to address the problems quickly as things can spiral out of control quite rapidly, in terms of budget and time delays.

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