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Have You Ever Used A Segway Transporter?

Have you ever been sitting in your car, going no where fast and wishing you had a way to go around or over the gridlock? Well, we have the answer to your wish: the Segway Human Transporter. Made to travel swiftly and efficiently with no carbon footprint, the Segway is the new way to get to work, to run errands or just have fun. Battery operated so there are no carbon emissions and not requiring fossil fuels, the Segway will ride for miles before recharging the battery.

Invented a few years ago to provide an alternative mode of travel which is green, efficient and fun, the Segway made its way to most major cities and the suburbs. You can see Segways being used by police and security guards on city streets, in malls and building complexes. This little machine has given our police a new tool to protect us. The Segway has changed the way we travel. Using a Lithium Ion battery, the Segway makes no noise when running; it is totally quiet.

Electric propulsion moves the machine along. Using gyroscopes and sensors to balance the rider, the Segway responds to the rider's weight shifts to move forward or backward. It has zero turning radius so it can literally turn on a dime. And it only takes a few minutes to learn how to ride smoothly and safely.

Software installed on the machine controls the traction control and braking. The lithium ion battery is an efficient power source and has a longer life than older versions of the battery. The braking system is regenerative which means the batteries recharge when decelerating. Imagine creating energy as you ride along.

So, how do you make it go? It is so simple it is as if the vehicle reads your mind, at least your intentions. When you move forward a bit, the Segway (sometime erroniously spelled, sedgeway) goes forward. You want to turn right, turn the handlebars to the right, just like a bike. Want to back up? Lean backwards a bit and you go backwards. It's as easy as that. There are redundant systems built into the controls for acceleration, steering, and stopping. Using a wireless connection which downloads to a handheld device, the system collects information on the speed, connectivity and life of the battery.

But the exceptional engineering is not all. There are several different models of the Segway. From rugged terrain vehicles which conquer the bike paths, beaches, and off road excursions to a commuter style equipped with saddlebags to carry your 'stuff.' There are special police styles which are being used widely by municipalities to increase their security detail effectiveness. It is not unusual to see security personnel or police riding the Segway in major cities, in malls and in commercial or residential complexes. Accessories are available to customize your Segway for your personal needs.

With the rise in popularity of the Segway, you can now find dealers in most major cities across the country. Dealers are all authorized by the manufacturer. In addition to sales and service, some dealers will rent a unit for a day's excursion. All dealers will provide a thorough orientation at time of purchase to be sure you understand how to use the transporter. Their safety is important to them.

So if you are looking for an alternate way to get around that traffic jam or have fun running errands or want a unique off-road riding experience, then you need to check out the Segway Human Transporter. Green, fun, unique, economical. What else is there?

The famous human transporter the Segway is frequently improperly spelled in various way, particularly Sedgeway or Segaway. No matter how you choose to spell it you can buy a Segway online and get it delivered directly to your home and office and enjoy its many benefits.

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