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The Meaning Of Military Challenge Coins

As a veteran of the Armed Forces I can understand the value of challenge coinsand what they mean. The coins you see can reflect so much to include a place a member has been to like Germany or Turkey, they can also represent a great job they did, or they can mark a time in their career they deployed. There are coins in the civilian world too but the military is where it all started. The Army has the lion's share of coins available but really all the branches of the military combined bring more coins than any other sector in challenge coins.

People that have served finish their careers with coins that encapsulate years of deploying and serving their country and those coins can tell you all kinds of things about that person. The coins read like pages in a book about where that person has been or what they have done. Often times members will stop by a store on an installation and pick up a new coin for their collection when they have been to a new place. In the end these coins tend to become a fixture in a home well after retirement and serves as a special memory.

Often veterans don't stop gaining coins into their collection even after retirement. Many continue to purchase or trade for new coins to add to their coin racks. Some people love to find new coins to collect while others are more passive and wait for the special ones to become available. Some veterans don't just stop at their collection and continue to find coins for family members that may be in the service still. Often coins run through a family tree and give a full pride of an entire family.

While many military regard challenge coins as an earn only basis there is nothing forbidding them from finding coins that can't be earned. With coins being produced around the world it is impossible to earn all the ones you might want. Many collectors look to places like Challenge Coin Auctions or eBay to further their collecting. Whether earned, traded, or bought, people enjoy developing their collections beyond what can be earned. Collecting challenge coins can be a huge enjoyment for so many.

If you are a veteran or know someone that is, just ask them about challenge coins and ask to see their collections. You would be amazed at the stories you might hear about the coins they have and how they came to get them. Sometimes the stories themselves are priceless just like the coins they have. I know each one of the coins I have earned through my career has meant something very special to me but finding the ones I missed along the way are even better because I have to work a little bit harder to get them.

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