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Laser Whitening For Teeth: The Newest Way To A Dazzling Smile

Lasers are being used in every type of medical and cosmetic treatment nowadays, and treating stained teeth is no exception. Laser whitening for teeth is a recent innovation and is a bleaching method that has the potential to transform even severely tarnished smiles. Teeth become stained over the years because of numerous reasons and can begin to look grey or yellow. While natural teeth themselves are usually an off-white color, having a dazzling pure white smile is usually an aesthetic desire of most patients.

Teeth can become discolored by eating and smoking. Coffee, soda, especially caffeinated drinks and red wine can wear out tooth enamel. In addition, teeth become yellow by improper oral care. There are numerous ways to reverse tooth discoloration: whitening strips, gels, and hydrogen peroxide whitening treatments administered in cosmetic dentists' offices. Of all the methods currently available, the most potent one is laser whitening.

The Procedure

After a thorough cleaning on the tooth surface and gum line is done, a cosmetic dentist then applies a cosmetic whitening gel to the teeth, and with a laser, sets the gel onto the teeth, allowing it to penetrate the enamel. The procedure lasts for about one hour and is painless. Results after one hour is very dramatic.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects are rare, although some patients may experience food hot-cold sensitivity. The procedure is painless, requiring no downtime and healing.

Expected Results

To produce the best results possible, more than one sitting may be necessary. Extremely sensitive patients may require several visits. Laser whitening is the most potent form of tooth bleaching currently available, so it is possible for teeth to be whitened up to five shades lighter in a single visit. Results that take several sessions with other whitening methods are possible in a single laser treatment.

When To Try it

Because technology is powerful and revolutionary and will cancel out even the most stubborn discoloration, whitening is an effective option when other teeth bleaching methods fail.

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