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Importance Of Car Headrests

People are often advised to adjust their car headrests properly. However, most people do not pay attention to this advice. Properly adjusted headrests are very important for a comfortable journey.

Auto insurance and car safety experts claim that the car headrests are very essential but overlooked feature of vehicles. Buckling the seat belts after entering a car comes naturally to most people but they always overlook adjusting headrests. Reports show that most of the people are not aware of the fact that headrests play a very important part in preventing neck, spinal cord and brain related injuries. Properly adjusted headrest will help in prevention of multitude of neck, brain and also spinal cord injuries.

Headrests are designed to work along with the seatbelts to prevent passengers from harm during an accident. When an accident occurs, the headrest prevents the head from twisting backwards. Thus, it prevents whiplash. Not only have that, drivers can also easily sustain an injury at speeds as low as 15 km/hr if the headrest is not properly adjusted.

It is estimated that out of the many drivers on the road only 14 per cent have their headrests properly adjusted. With whiplash being the most common soft tissue injury that occurs with people during car accidents makes it all the more important for people to make sure that they have the headrests in proper positions.

Here are some of the tips to adjust the headrests properly

# Position centre of your headrest in such a way that it is slightly above the top of your ear.

# Make sure that the top of the headrest is in straight line with the top of your head.

# Make sure that there a distance of about 5 or 10 centimeters between the back of the head and the headrest.

Following these very easy steps about adjusting the headrest properly will go a long way in ensuring your safety while driving.

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