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La Painting Lessons And The Basic Sponge Painting Method

For those who have attended LA Painting Lessons, you may have identified some new concepts when painting your home. Don't forget wall space will no longer have to be a single typical color anymore. Think about using the sponge approach to liven things up.

A lot of the attractive painting procedures are rag rolling, paneling, sponge painting, stippling, etc. Getting a comprehension on these methods is useful for creative individuals who desire to have their room walls custom painted.

Even though sponge painting procedures for walls may seem being a challenging process to you, this type of painting is quite easy and truly changes an unexciting wall to an eye catching one! The truth is, when you have a practice this art you may also paint home furniture and accessories in similar manner.

Sponge Painting Procedures

Though there are wide and varied sponge painting strategies that are predominantly used today, why don't we have a look at a fairly easy method of getting the walls painted through sponges.

Method 1: Having sandpaper, sand the walls and then work with the roller to apply a coat of base paint onto the wall. Allow this base coat to dry totally before heading into the next phase.

Method 2: Inside a big bucket take a single part of sponging paint and blend in it four parts of faux glaze. Be wary regarding the faux glaze content, since the more you add, the greater transparent the layer of paint after sponging will likely be. Therefore, for deeper colors less faux glaze shall be added.

Method 3: Moisten the sponge in water and squeeze out the excess water. Right now dip this damp sea sponge into the pail of paint and glaze combination. Mark out the excess paint in the sponge and gently press the sponge against the wall.

Method 4: Only process will indicate how much pressure shall be exerted. It also depends on your tastes. Try out different force and find out what satisfies the best. Make sure to press the sponge in a random fashion against the wall. Rolling the sponge on the wall helps accomplish this better. The sponging process ought to be done in a way that only a thin coat of this paint is applied on the base coat.

Method 5: As and when the paint from your sponge will get consumed on the wall, dip it into the bucket and fill up the sponge. Carry on this action in one area of the room to another until the whole space has been sponged. So long as you don't use paint with different shades that may conduce to some spotty appearance, you will find a lovely looking wall.

By attending LA Painting Lessons, you will find numerous solutions you can use when conducting creative painting like stenciling and painting walls two-tone. But sponge painting is probably the least difficult method to learn and probably the most eye-catching. It involves dabbing a second tone above the first plain color to achieve a more textured effect. You have probably seen this utilized in restaurants however it can work equally well in the home.

Go to the studios of experts who concentrate on painting lessons and learn from their artworks. Interior designers just really like the contemporary art including the popular Painting Lessons Los Angeles.

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