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How Does Glasses Improve Your Eye sight? - Efficient Vision Improvement Hints And Tricks

Corrective lenses are nothing more than pieces of glass which are cut to a unique curve (your prescription) so that as light enters these glasses, it focuses the image you see on your retina in just the appropriate place. The retina reacts to this light and transports the data to the brain, which the brain translates this information into the actual image. In order for the image to appear correctly, three things happen. The image produced is reduced in size to fit onto the retina. The scattered light focuses at the surface of the retina. Then, the image curves to match the curve of the retina. So as to make this process happen, the eye contains a lens between the retina and the pupil. The lens and the cornea, a transparent covering, then work together, which focuses the image on the retina. Vision problems occur when the image focused on the retina is focused either too far back, resulting in farsightedness or too far in, resulting in nearsightedness. In combination with these conditions, glasses may also work to assist with those suffering from crossed eyes, where the eyes refuse to focus together, which produces two of the same object in the field of vision, which results in blurriness of both objects. How glasses correct these problems is determined by what kind of lens the glasses are made of. The two types of lenses are the plus and minus lens. The plus lens has a convex shape which focuses images on the retina when the eye's lens originally focuses the image too far back. The minus lens has a concave shape, which focuses images on the retina when the eye's lens originally focuses the image too close. Different strengths of these lenses determine how far back or how far forward the focus should be brought so that the image is displayed correctly on the retina.

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