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Linux Dedicated Server: Why Choose One

Choosing an operating system for your network can be difficult, time consuming, and just plain exhausting. There are many options out there for you to choose from but the facts are that choosing a linux dedicated server provides the most benefits possible.

Stability is key with your network. With many of the other operating systems out there you have to reboot at least daily if not more often to keep it running smoothly. Many studies have show that with this system that they can stay running up to hundreds of days, to even a year is very common!

Whatever your network might be doing, security is a high priority with it. There are many walls and different file permissions that are customizable with in it that helps keep out those visitors that you do not want in your network as well as those pesky viruses. Also if there is a problem such as a virus found with in the system, there typically is a fix for them with in a few hours!

Also the source code for this operating system is freely distributed, which means that there is not just a room full of coders working on this system, that everyone who has reviewed it has commented and had input on the programming.

If you are running a small to large network, you are going to need technical support now and then to help with fixes or anything that may come up. This system is known to have the best support available when it comes to needing help, it has a very large active community who follows all the updates, many consultants and is also supported widely by commercial retailers. In 1997 it was awarded for best technical support in all the commercial vendors.

Choosing a linux dedicated server is a very simple decision, and will be the best decision possible for your network.

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