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One of the most beautiful and attractive video games is Aion. It has a unique design, amazing story behind it and the characters that you can create in the Aion World are simply angelic. The action in this game takes place on a planet called Atreia, is a stunningly world that has been divided in two. The planet is connected to the Tower, and the Abiss belongs to both worlds, being the middle part of the divided sections. Each half of the planet is populated by different characters. On one side we have the Elyos and on the other side of the Tower the Asmodians. These types of characters are the factions. And they all gather on combat in Abiss, also known as the battle field, to save to world and fight against the evil enemies that are threatening to destroy everything that has life on this planet.

This is a short introduction to the amazing world of Aion. It has many other great features, like building your character according to your preferences, you can choose their names, genders, classes and factions you wish they would belong to. If the first characteristics are not very important in the game, choosing a class and a faction is extremely important, because on your skills, given by your selected class and faction, you will be able to win many battles against your enemies. But to take things step by step, the first thing you should do when first purchasing this game is to complete your registration process and define an aion accounts. You may have multiple Aion accounts, but for starters, let's assume you have only created one. After the confirmation process is over, you are now an official member of the Atreia family. The next thing that needs be done is choosing the skills and appearance of your character.

This is why it's important in the beginning to use just one Aion account, because doing so, you can build up your character much faster and you won't get lost in details concerning your password remembering for all your Aion account. Have you given your character a name yet? When you do so, please keep in mind that your name will be shown all over the world, everybody who plays together with you will recognize you, so choose carefully. Before you make the decision to create your character, you may want to inform you first and take a tour of the Aion world. In this special video tour, it will be presented to you all the classes, factions, skills, enemies that you will find in this game, and after that you can choose your character having all the information.

Being such a vivid game, from time to time you may forget to come back to earth, but that thing is very usual for everyone who enters for the first time this amazing angelic world. Be sure to take mental pictures of your digital planet, Atreia, and start fighting to protect your people.

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