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The Chinese Almanac - The Book of Everything

The Tong Shu or Tong Sing as it is called in Hong Kong is a little red book of daily predictions in the Chinese culture that has been around for over 2000 years. The Chinese Almanac translates to mean the Book of Everything and consists of 47 sections that include planting crops to Feng Shui. Tung translates to mean all and Shu translates to book.

One of the earliest books in print, the Chinese Almanac has been used to tell people of eclipses and the best times for harvests. The Tong Shu or the book of everything employs astrology to predict what will occur on any given day of the year and is updated annually.

The governor of Hong Kong is presented with a new copy of the Chinese Almanac each year with the old one being burned in a ceremony. A million copies a year are sold in Hong Kong annually and professional astrologers are consulted to translate the contents if the ancient mysteries it embodies.

The sections in the book include Feng Shui, astrology, personal fortune, Chinese Western calendar, joints and qi, auspicious characters, poems, sunrise and sunset, dreams, constellations, fortune telling, childhood influences, auspicious dates, year of your birth, charms, weather and farming, Confucius, etiquette, pronunciation of English words, numerology, writing styles, and family names to name many of them.

The almanac is complex and as such requires someone learned in the intricacies of it. People study the book in classes to understand how it all works and it can sometimes take years to figure out the lessons it has to teach.

The components of Feng Shui are interesting in that they have been around for over 3500 years and originate in astronomy. This explains why in ancient times an astrolabe was used in the placement of structures. The five elements of metal, earth, fire, water and wood play an important part in Chinese design. The goal is to provide balance in the yin and yang force fields.

Widely used today, the Chinese Almanac is an indispensable aid to planning the daily lives of many Asian people. It is practical and complex and the topic of study by students and scholars.

James Tien is a Chinese culture writer. He recommends Absolutely Feng Shui for more information on Chinese Lunar Calendar and Feng Shui Colors.

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