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Dedicated Server: Why You Might Need One

A dedicated server can also be referred to a dedicated hosting service or a managed hosting service. This is essentially a type of internet hosting where the client will rent an entire server and will therefore not be sharing it with anyone.

The reason that people go for this type of hosting is that it is more flexible than shared hosting as you as the client would have complete control over the server. This control would include the choice of hardware you would like to use and also the choice of operating service.

Of course the choice as to whether you would like to go with a dedicated server or not will depend on the price and availability of the server of your choice. You will also want to be able to go with an operating system which you are familiar with so that there is no time taken to get used to new software. Your dedicated server will often provide you with technical support should any problems arise or you have any questions about operations.

No matter what server you choose to go with make sure that the plan comes with support. You don't want to be stuck in the dark with downtime for your company should there be any problems. You want to be able to get up to date security fixes and information on updates so that your server is always protected. Something with automatic updates will take any pressure off you as the server owner.

You may also have the option to go with a plan that guarantees no downtime; this is because they are able to secure multiple vendors for connectivity to ensure that you are always covered.

Make sure that you get sufficient bandwidth for you to operate efficiently. This refers to the amount of data which can be sent and received over a period of time. Your provider should be able to recommend how much bandwidth should be sufficient so that you never run at a low and run into problems.

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