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Candida Throat - What is the Best Treatment?

Candida albicans throat is also called Candida throat infection. This type of infection results from the overgrowth of the Candida fungus which naturally lives within our digestive tract. When we are healthy and our immune system is working properly, the body can control the spread of the fungus. But when we are stressed, or taking medications, a Candida infection may result.

Medications that can cause oral yeast infections include oral contraceptives, antibiotics, or corticosteroids. Some illnesses can also cause Candida albicans throat infection. These include cancer, AIDS/HIV, or untreated diabetes. Some pregnant women also suffer with Candida thrush due a change in their hormonal balances.

Male Candida is also associated with the Candida yeast. But male Candida does not refer to the throat. Instead, it affects areas such as the genitals, groin and the underarms. These areas are usually damp which enables the fungus to grow rapidly, causing small, white blisters and itchiness.

Candida symptoms often manifest as the presence of painful red and white sores (in the mouth, inner cheeks or tongue). The lesions may bleed when you brush your teeth. In chronic Candida, the symptoms may include difficulty in swallowing, fever, severe itching, or a feeling that food is stuck in your throat. This can mean that the Candida infection has spread to the esophagus.

A Candida throat infection can be diagnosed by a dentist. But if the infection has reached your esophagus, the dentist may order an endoscopy to more effectively examine the affected region. During this procedure, pictures and video will be taken of your esophagus. The dentist may be able to avoid this by using a swab and collecting a small piece of fungus for microscopic examination.

Treating Candida is usually easy and effective with special gargles or mouthwashes. But in serious Candida infections, the patient may have a weak immune system and will need to take powerful antifungal drugs for 10-14 days. These are dispensed as lozenges, tablets and oral solutions.

Treatment will depend on the diagnosis of each individual case, and may vary according to age and the severity of the infection. Because Candida throat can be caused by other illnesses, the dentist may recommend that you see a medical doctor for further diagnosis. There may well be other underlying health issues causing the Candida infection.

In mild cases of Candida throat, there are a few effective natural remedies to try. Make a gargle formula using vinegar and water, or coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil. Be careful as tea tree oil is not to be ingested. Eat plenty of probiotic yogurt, but make sure the label states 'probiotic' or 'active culture'. This means that the yogurt contains bacteria that can fight infections. If you want a more potent dose of probiotics, take acidophilus in pill form on an empty stomach two times daily. This will help to repopulate the gut with friendly, yeast killing bacteria.

There are a few steps you can take to prevent a Candida throat infection. Make sure you follow a strict oral health program by brushing and flossing your teeth at least once a day. Do not use oral mouthwashes or oral sprays because they can upset the balance of your infection fighting micro-organisms.

Visit your dentist regularly, particularly if you wear dentures or if you have diabetes. Avoid eating foods that are high in sugar and yeast. Wine, beer and bread can all encourage the growth of Candida. If you are a smoker, try to quit, or cut down significantly.

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