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Positions To Give Her Great Orgasms

What sex position will give her the best, the most intense orgasm she's ever had? Which one will help her achieve g-spot orgasms and female ejaculation? Which one will make her shake and shudder like a screen door in a hurricane?

Check out these positions and you'll be glad you did! So will she!

1st Hot Sex Position.

If you want to give your lady the most intense climax ever then try this one. You should sit in a chair with open arms and have her straddle you.

This way she can lean back or come forward and be able to determine the degree of penetration, angle of attack, and pressure for each stroke. Her goal is to hit all three spots in her vagina: Clitoris, g-spot, and vaginal spot.

This means she can have the c-spot, then the g-spot, and then the v-spot climax, one at a time. Or, she can have any two at a time, and finally all three!

Trust me, having all three at a time is a volcanic eruption. If she ever wants to have a female ejaculation this is the position.

2nd Hot Sex Position.

Have her get on her back on the bed. This will open up her mouth, breast, and vaginal spots. This is a great position for obtaining kissing orgasms, breast orgasms, and combination's.

If she's never had hot kissing climaxes this is the position for it. Next go to her breasts and suck them like a vacuum (make sure it won't hurt her).

3rd Hot Sex Position.

Thirdly, have her lay on her back at the foot of the bed. You should stand up at the foot. That way, you can adjust the angle of penetration by simply squatting down or rising up. Put a pillow or love mat under her hips.

This is an excellent position to really hit her g-spot if you will thrust slightly upwards and use a rasping movement. This will give her perhaps the most intense single climax she can have.

4th Hot Sex Position.

Lastly, have her get in the doggy position with you behind her. From this position you can get both her clitoris and g-spot together. Again, use a thrusting motion that is more like a file than a poker. Press against both her clitoris and g-spot and give her that combo.

Try all four of these hot positions and different combination's. You'll both love it.

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