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Get the Education You Deserve, Use a Free Grant to Go Back To School Today

Before I got remarried I was a single mom with my 2 oldest children, my only children at the time. I worked 2 jobs while trying to raise them by myself, and was able to get a grant for school. They are now 16 and 12, but at the time they were only 8 and 4. I had a regular 9-5 job while they were in school and worked a second job every other weekend when they would stay at their dads house.

Looking on line I decided that it would be a very good idea to sign up for some classes at a local community college so that I could have some kind of chance of not having to work myself to death for the rest of my life trying to make sure these kids have everything that they need. I did a simple search on line to look for grants. I had no idea there were so many things out there about it and so many people trying to go back to school them self! What got to me is that every other thing i found on line was something I had to "pay" a small shipping fee for the information, then they were going to stick me with some ridiculous $40 a month fee. Just for them to tell me how to find a grant myself.

After looking for a while I found that I wasn't required to pay at all for this information. It is all free right there for everyone! They have a website available for you to fill the application out on and it has instructions for you to follow. So step by step for free you can be filling out your application and be on your way to getting that grant you need for school.

Some of the process was intimidating to me. It asked me for information that I had no idea what it was or how to get it. They need a code for each school you are interested in. I had decided to go to a community college so that if I was able to get a grant it would cover the entire cost of it. The last thing I want is a loan to have to pay back. I had to call the school and ask one of their office workers what code I need and they were able to tell me. They knew exactly what I was talking about so what seemed so intimidating was not really all that bad at all.

That was so easy. I did it without paying for help! I found their website, filled out my application, got approved and signed up for my classes. That was it! Once registered I was able to start.

Whether you are a single mom, single dad, or even not a parent at all, you can do this! Get a grant for school for free, and find everything you need right on your computer.

Learn more about full grants for school. Stop by Kathryn Stovall's site where you can find out all about grants for college.

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