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Guide To Adjust A JL Audio Amp Input Sensitivity

This article is a very useful article teaching us How to adjust a JL audio car amplifier. The simple way to listen to good sound and great music is to adjust the amplifier. Many people pay very less attention to this and end up complaining the audio system or paying unnecessarily to get the amplifiers adjusted to hear the right sound track. As JL audio is renowned brand is car audio, let's take them as standard for instructions for completing this job. Amplifiers of other brands can also be adjusted by following a similar procedure.

Amplifiers need to be set properly for the proper output. The following paragraphs will give you the clear picture of fixing the amplifier and adjusting it to obtain the best music.

The procedure involves fixing the cross over, adjusting the frequency, then setting of GCL and finally fixing the bass boost for the amplifier. Let us look at them in detail.

The first step is to determine the permissible frequency ranges. These are called cross over frequency. They act just like filters filtering low and high frequency sound signals from reaching the car speakers. The low tones or bass are usually removed by high pass filter and trebles or higher tones are eliminated or removed by low pass filter. Next we have to decide whether we have to fix the cross over at high pass filter or low pass filter. This is determined by what the amplifier powers. It can be small speakers or even sub woofers. In the former case we go usually for cross over fixed at HPF. If amplifiers powers a woofer we may fix the cross over to low pass.

It is observed that small speakers are being powered by amplifiers, as in the case of car dash. In the above case, a high pass crossover filter is set. After that, the frequency is set to 100 Hz. It is also seen that subwoofers are powered by amplifiers. In this case, a low frequency crossover filter is set. Similarly as that of the other one, the frequency is set to 100 Hz. The frequencies can be adjusted according to one's wish using the settings available in the JL amplifier.

The next step is concerned with adjusting the control level of the amplifier gain. The control level needs to be set. The car receiver is tuned. It is to be noticed that the volume is normal and not very high. This is required to identify the distortions. The control when turned clockwise leads to signal distortion. This signal distortion can be avoided by adjusting the control in anti clockwise direction. This is done until a clear signal is received.

This last step is optional. It is for people who love additional bass in their music. So just like frequency the bass boost is also fixed.

To have a perfect car audio and music of his choice, one must always know how to adjust a JL audio amplifier.

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