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How to Handle Baby Bottles

If you bottle feed your baby or if you are planning on bottle feeding your new arrival, it is very important that you know how to handle baby bottles to prevent your baby from getting sick. You want to have a healthy and a happy baby. Keep your baby's bottles clean and stored in the fridge to prevent any harmful bacteria or germs that could cause stomach problems.

Be sure to wash the bottles in the dishwasher or in warm water with a mild soap. After you have wash and rinse them boil the bottles in water for about five minutes before you fill them with the formula.

Prior to mixing the baby's formula you should boil the water that you will be using and let it cool. This takes the additives out of the water that could make your baby sick. Use a bottle only one time then clean it again using the same process.

If you need to take any formula out with your baby, be sure that it is drank by your baby within an hour if it is mixed or if it is breast milk. You could also use powered formula if you formula feed your infant and take the boiled water separately this will allow you to mix the formula as it is needed.

Opened formula doesn't keep for very long. If it is a bottle of unused formula it is good for 24 hours after it has been opened. Ready use formula that is opened is good for 48 hour after it has been opened. Power formula is good for thirty days after it has been opened. Any formula that is not used in the bottle that your baby has drank out of should be thrown out so germs will not multiply.

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